Tropical Islands

A 45-minute train ride south of Berlin brought us to Tropical Islands (Wikipedia).

My seat mate on the flight from Seattle to Frankfurt – who had the same headphones that I do – said he used to sell stock and one is the companies he represented was Cargolifter who built the hangar to make zeppelins. The zeppelin market couldn’t sustain it apparently so the company went out of business. The hangar was bought and this surreal place was built inside.

There’s an (all stainless steel!) pool, a beach and another pool, water slides, a rain forest with flamingos, miniature golf, two “hot air” balloons that you can ride in, spas, restaurants/bars and a theater where I could watch the soccer games with a beer.

We stayed a quick shuttle bus ride away in these little houses with a view of the Tropical Islands dome.

Update July 31, 2018: Tropical Islands was named in Travel Channel’s list of coolest water parks in the world.

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