Month: June 2018

Kollwitzplatz, Berlin

We left Stone and took a bus, then walked for a bit in some neighborhood and then two trains up to Kollwitzplaz in northern Berlin.

We ran into a farmer’s market, kids got ice cream while I watched a World Cup game at an Italian restaurant. Then we walked to Salt ‘n Bone for dinner where we found out that they, and most places in Berlin, don’t take credit cards! We have very little cash so we had to leave and find a place that does, eventually landing in another Italian restaurant.

The Kollwitzplatz neighborhood is very cool, I could spend more time there.

Stone Brewing in Berlin

We went south of Berlin to Stone Brewing’s brewery (and “world bistro”) – the first American brewery ever in Germany.

That photo is the good side (and the one they show in marketing material) but is the last view you see only if you go all the way through, out the back and turn around. The entrance is through an industrial part of town, which includes an Amazon warehouse, and then through a seemingly defunct gas works facility.

But inside is very cool:

They have the usual Stone beers available but also have some Berlin-only beers; two bocks, a Berliner Weisse, a Saison, a sour, etc.

Update April 5, 2019: Stone closed this brewery. I’m glad we got to see it.

Berlin Day 1

I spent the day walking around Berlin by myself while Gay took the kids to museums. I walked from the east side of Tiergarten to the west side while listening to Tangerine Dream’s song Tiergarten on my headphones and back to Brandenburg Gate – which was smaller than I thought, I expected Arc de Triomphe size.

Tiergarten was much more of a forest than a park, not manicured at all or beds of plantings. It has lots of gravel walkways through the woods and open areas, which makes for a nice walk.

I ended up doing a loop, east of our hotel, north across the river, near Humboldt University, back across the river through Tiergarten, to the Reichstag and back home. 16,000 steps!


We arrived in Berlin today. We left Seattle at 1pm yesterday and landed in Berlin at 1pm today: 9 hours flying to Frankfurt + 1 hour flying to Berlin + airport delays + 9 hour time difference = 1 lost day.

The kids got some sleep on the flight but Gay and I didn’t. We got to our place in Potsdamer Platz, I layed down and fell asleep for a couple hours.

We went out for our first meal at nearby Gasthaus Alt Bayern — sausages, pretzels, Wiener schnitzel, sauerkraut, ginger ale and beers (Hacker-Pschorr Kellerbier and “Lager”):

It’s unfortunate that Germany fell out of the World Cup yesterday; it would’ve been fun to be in Germany while they’re in it.

Everyone was tired but Eva and I watched England vs Belgium on TV:

WA Brewers Festival

Gay and I opened the Optimism booth at the Brewers Festival this morning. Once again, we missed the awards ceremony but were happy to learn that we won 3 silver medals for Ale X, Pride and Raspberry Solarpunk.

It’s a fun festival to pour at, I like Marymoor Park. And the Bourbon Barrel-Aged …Before the Dawn was super popular, bettering even the king B.E. Juicy which is our most popular beer.

Jon and Megan came to the festival so once our shift was over so we got to try a bunch of beers from breweries we never make it to.