Solo movie

I got tickets a few weeks ago to the new Star Wars movie and tonight is the night. Justin, Kristin, Bowie and Iris joined us plus Havana’s friend Goldie and we all went to dinner at Din Tai Fung at Pacific Place before the movie. Eva stayed home with Maddie due to poor behavior (but high-quality tantrums) this week, which was fine given her age and interest in Star Wars.

Unbeknownst to me, we got the 4DX experience, which was a bit too much.

4 thoughts on “Solo movie”

      1. From Grandma….
        I can relate to Eva slamming doors! I cracked the kitchen cupboards doors in our Las Vegas house and Dad had to get new front panels. )-: Some times a gal just gets so frustrated. I have not done that since but must admit I have sometimes had the urge. Don’t be too hard on her, it’s just a phase. She’ll get over it by the time she’s 80. Love, Mom

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