Silicone Wedding Rings

Gay lost her wedding ring on our trip to Oregon for about 12 hours. She realized she wasn’t wearing it in the evening, couldn’t find it anywhere and was very upset. At 5am she woke up, drove to the pool thinking it came off in the pool. It did, she saw it at the bottom of the pool and she got it back with the help of the pool cleaner person who happened to be there that morning. Lucky!

After that, I decided to buy inexpensive silicone wedding rings that we could wear when we’re being active. I got Enso rings but didn’t like them because they are very narrow in width, thin and did not look at all like our real rings. So I decided I’d have to make my own that looked exactly like our titanium rings. Our rings are simple with a flat outside and a curved “comfort fit” inside and have a thickness to them that I like. Simple but unusual.

I discovered that it’s pretty easy to make anything out of silicone: make a mold, inject liquid silicone in it and wait for it to cure. There’s a few details but nothing difficult.

I could have used liquid silicone to make a mold from our existing rings and, in turn, used that mold to inject silicone into it and have exact replicas of our rings. However, that requires making vents in the original mold so air can escape the mold as it’s being injected which seemed difficult to build into the mold. And I’d have to repeat that every time I make a mold, making it more difficult to keep making rings. I’m going to lose them in pools, apparently, so I need a lot of them.

I have a 3D printer so instead of making molds I could design the mold that includes the vent holes exactly how I wanted them (on the inside of the ring). I could print them again and again with little work and they turn out the same every time.

So I designed a mold in Fusion 360 and printed it on my 3D printer. I use Smooth-On’s Dragon Skin silicone and colored it with pigments to make various colors.

These cost pennies per ring and only about 20 minutes of my time and it’s pretty fun. I then made a second mold so I can make two at a time, doubling my ring production capacity!

Using this Fusion 360 file anyone can change the sizing, make the mold and start making silicone wedding rings that look just like mine.

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