Costa Rica wrap-up

We got back to Seattle from Costa Rica this afternoon (Seattle time). We woke up at 3:30am Costa Rica time and left the house just after 4am in a van to the airport 45 minutes away. I didn’t sleep in the van but I was glad I wasn’t driving. The flight left at 5:45am to Houston and we had just enough time to get through immigration and customs to catch our flight to Seattle. It’s good to be home!

Costa Rica is nice but too hot being so close to the equator. After getting sunburned on the 2nd or 3rd day, despite maintaining our sun screen levels, I felt like I spent the rest of the time avoiding the sun.

The beer wasn’t very good. Their well-marketed local beer, Imperial, is a diacetyl bomb. Normally I don’t mind diacetyl when in small amounts but I couldn’t take this much. I couldn’t finish even one beer and avoided it altogether the rest of the week. Fortunately, the smaller competitor, called Pilsen, was better but not by much. Bavaria (no web site?!) is far and away the best Costa Rican beer. They have a Bavaria Light (Pilsner?) and a Bavaria Dark (Munich Dunkel), both of which are eminently more drinkable. We only found one craft beer brewery, located in a popular surfing town, but it was not good. The best beers I had were imports from Europe: Carlsberg and La Chouffe that I found at a convenience store.

We didn’t explore the country much because we were on the northern west side and it’s so hard to drive around the terrain. We had a good time on the beaches and at our pool, the food was good, the people are nice, it’s a pretty country and the kids got to see monkeys.

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