2nd Anniversary Party

We celebrated Optimism’s 2nd anniversary today. After avoiding being sick for weeks while almost every employee and family member got sick at some point, I finally succumbed. I felt super weak and tired this morning. Little did I know that I’d feel much worse in the coming days.

Gay went to the brewery early to help get ready. I managed to get myself to the brewery and have some beers with Gay and Jon, Megan, Matt and Kevin, made a listless speech before tapping the cask of our anniversary beer and tried hard to socialize with other friends throughout the day.

It was very busy all day, with a line down the street before we opened to non-stop beer-pouring. It was our biggest day in beer sales ever: over 2,800 beers poured!

I hope I feel better and can enjoy our 3rd anniversary. Fortunately, we have a great staff that were well-prepared and had everything under control all day.

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