Bye Lexus

I sold my beloved Lexus LS460 today. 😢 I bought it in 2008. Not having a commute, we never had a need to drive much so, except for road trips, we didn’t put many miles on it. After almost 10 years, it only has 28,675 miles, less than 3,000 miles per year! We don’t have a need for 3 cars so I’ve had it on my To Do list for years to sell it. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it, it was so much fun to drive. So it mostly sat in the garage, depreciating in value, waiting for a long road trip.

The good news is that I sold it to my friend Charles who drives for Peninsula Truck Lines and delivers grain to us at the brewery. He’s an affable guy that I’d see almost every week or so for the last couple years and we always chatted about the Seahawks. He saw the Lexus at the brewery one day and I mentioned that I was going to sell it. I was planning to auction it on eBay but never got around to taking photos and posting it. He was interested and kept asking about it and eventually offered a reasonable number so I accepted it.

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