Airstream Basecamp

After dropping the kids off at school, Gay and I drove to the “local” Airstream dealer to pick up our 2018 Basecamp today. We agreed to buy it a couple weeks ago when we put the deposit down on it and finally found the time to get there, an hour away, and pick it up.

How’d we get to the point of buying an RV?After our trip to Oregon when we camped in a tent for 3 days in Carson, Washington, we decided an RV would be more fun so we started looking into an Airstream. The original plan was to get a bigger Airstream, like a 23- or 27-footer, but eventually decided that a Basecamp would be a better starter RV for us. We had no experience and we soon realized that long trailers have issues with general driving/maneuvering and some campgrounds are limited in the size of a trailer they can accommodate. Plus, a short trailer wouldn’t require a new tow vehicle.

It officially sleeps two, but all 3 kids can easily sleep in it — the bed is 6-feet by 6-feet, practically a King Size bed! Actually, all 5 of us can fit on the bed, although it probably wouldn’t be comfortable all night. It has a bathroom with a shower, a 2-burner stovetop, a fridge, microwave, A/C and solar panels to keep the battery charged. We also ordered the optional tents that attach to it providing more living space, but they have to be delivered from the factory in Ohio.

We like a trailer, rather than a motorhome, because we prefer a good car and a good trailer to a combination of the two. A trailer can be left at a campsite while we drive our car around during the day. You see a lot of motorhomes towing tiny cars for this reason, which seems backwards to us.

We liked Airstream because they look good, the interiors are bit more upscale and they’re all aluminum so they don’t rust. This thing even fits into our garage (with some effort)!


The kids love it. We all had dinner in it before Gay and Havana went off to Girl Scout camping for the weekend. Ironically, they went without the Basecamp.

I’m looking forward to exploring the Pacific Northwest with it and the kids. When I first moved to the Pacific Northwest I had grand plans to go mountain biking, skiing, kayaking and camping. I’ve lived here for over 20 years now and did very little of that, always choosing work over play. It’s time to make good on those plans.

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