Maui Brewing Company

We got a sitter for the kids so Gay and I could go to Maui Brewing Co for a brewery tour today. The sitter was great, the kids loved her.


Maui Brewing was fun. We started with a beer, a Kölsch and a Czech pils, and tacos from the lunch-time food truck, Slightly Salty. They even gave us the “industry discount”: free beers! Then we took the tour. This was their new brewery, a 42,000 square foot place that they built last year and only opened the tap room 4 months ago. They have two brew houses, a 25bbl and a 50bbl, a well-equipped laboratory, a large yeast propagation system, a centrifuge, a canning line, capacity for 150,000 bbls with plenty more space to grow, and are working on being 100% solar-powered. They are also in construction of a large pub.

Interestingly, their best-selling beer on the mainland is the Coconut Porter. I like to see dark beers being popular. In Hawaii, not surprisingly, their Bikini Blonde, which is a delicious Helles that I’ve been enjoying the most this week, is their best-seller. Their Big Swell IPA is also easy to find in Hawaii, also good. But at the brewery they have 20 or more taps of other beers. I got a sampler of these: a doppelbock, a coffee doppelbock (that’s a new one for me), a Vienna lager, an alt, a dry stout and a double IPA. All were very good, I’d like to go back for a pint of that Doppelbock.

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