Brewery delivery day

The trucks were to arrive this morning to deliver all the brewing equipment. My phone rang at 7am and I was greeted to a gruff truck driver asking for directions and dropping the f-bomb unnecessarily. Gay and I got to the brewery at 8 or so while they were finishing unloading that first truck. The other truck drivers were much more friendly.

After dropping the big kids off at school, Gerene brought Eva by the brewery to check it out. She likes climbing up to the mezzanine and found some sawdust to play with.


Our friend Steve, who works across the street at the Polyclinic, also stopped by to check out the activity and get a tour of the building.

It was a long day. Gay and I, but mostly Gay, spent the day as a flagger holding a Stop sign to block the street for the trucks. We had a great lunch at the new Meat & Bread practically next door. By the afternoon, I was bored and volunteered to remove the protective wrap from the tanks while the guys moved all the tanks in.

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