Space Needle 2015

Gay’s mom, and my favorite mother-in-law, is in town this week. She likes to have a fancy dinner when she comes to Seattle so we made reservations at the Space Needle restaurant. She was last at the Space Needle during the World’s Fair in 1962, which it was built for. It’s a work-of-art, it still looks modern and futuristic 52 years later! The kids have never been there. I think I was last there in 1997.


I don’t like touristy stuff but it was a lot of fun, it didn’t feel very touristy. The restaurant revolves a full turn every 45 minutes, which the kids thought was super-cool, so the view is constantly changing and it’s a view of Seattle you don’t see often. We live in a beautiful city, I never tire of seeing the mountains, water, architecture, greenery, etc.


After dinner, we went to the observation deck which has these cool touch screens that show a 360° view and let you go to any date and time and even watch time-lapse videos:


(Even more impressive, it was made by Microsoft!)

The EMP Museum is near the Space Needle:


I’ve always thought that the EMP, despite being designed by Frank Gehry, is an eyesore from a distance, so much that I’ve avoided ever going to it. But up close it looks great. One day I’ll have to go.


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