Seattle Seahawks Second Straight Superbowl

Unbelievable game today. The Seahawks offense couldn’t do anything right for the first 56 minutes, including 5 turnovers, and it seemed like certain defeat. The defense kept it close, making key goal line stops forcing early FGs and several 3-and-outs late. Then the offense exploded to score 15 points in 44 seconds, taking the lead 22-19. The Packers tied it at 22-22 to go to overtime where the Seahawks took 6 plays in 3 minutes 19 seconds to score the winning touchdown and win 28-22 to go to Super Bowl XLIX. This is why I watch (some) sports.

I watched the game two more times to convince myself it really happened. It was a fitting end to the game that Jermaine Kearse caught the winning touchdown after all 4 previous passes to him were intercepted.

The Seattle Times published these cut-outs that Dierdre & Patrick brought over for the kids to make:


Seahawks doughnuts for breakfast is becoming a game day tradition around here:


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