Month: January 2015

Seattle Seahawks Second Straight Superbowl

Unbelievable game today. The Seahawks offense couldn’t do anything right for the first 56 minutes, including 5 turnovers, and it seemed like certain defeat. The defense kept it close, making key goal line stops forcing early FGs and several 3-and-outs late. Then the offense exploded to score 15 points in 44 seconds, taking the lead 22-19. The Packers tied it at 22-22 to go to overtime where the Seahawks took 6 plays in 3 minutes 19 seconds to score the winning touchdown and win 28-22 to go to Super Bowl XLIX. This is why I watch (some) sports.

I watched the game two more times to convince myself it really happened. It was a fitting end to the game that Jermaine Kearse caught the winning touchdown after all 4 previous passes to him were intercepted.

The Seattle Times published these cut-outs that Dierdre & Patrick brought over for the kids to make:


Seahawks doughnuts for breakfast is becoming a game day tradition around here:


Eva’s Crash

Eva had a big spill at school today, running and falling on pavement, giving her abrasions on her chin and knees and really banged her front teeth and gums. Gay had to go get her and take her to the dentist for a checkup on her teeth. Fortunately, her permanent teeth appear to be okay and shouldn’t be affected. A 2nd dental checkup coming next week.