Month: November 2014

Field Trip to CenturyLink

Havana’s class took a field trip to CenturyLink field, the home of the Seahawks. Havana decided she wants to be a writer when she grows up because the sportswriters get great seats in the stadium and free food.

Interesting facts:

  • It takes all day to paint the field for a game for a football game, half a day for soccer games
  • For seismic reasons, the stadium consists of 8 “pie pieces” that don’t touch each other and are joined inside by movable plates that cover the gaps. There is only one place in the building that will shake in an earthquake
  • All 67,000 seats are washed before every game
  • There are 612 trash/compost/recycling bins at the stadium
  • It cost $50,000 to ship the Super Bowl XLVIII sign from New York

My 45th Birthday

Today is my 45th birthday. Nothing special, I just relaxed at home, hanging out and reading, had a steak dinner and beers.


Thanks to everyone for my birthday gifts and birthday wishes.

While watching the Oregon vs Stanford game, I drank a bit of a Pumking. I used to love this beer every year but not as much anymore… the diacetyl, which gives it its characteristic buttery flavor that I used to like, is now headache-inducing. Either it has increased or I’m getting more sensitive to diacetyl. Change is the only constant in the universe.

This bottle of cider has my name on it!: