Power Outage

As we were putting the kids to bed during a wind storm tonight, the power went out. All 3 were unnerved by it. This was a common Fall and Winter occurrence when we lived on Vashon Island but the kids were too young to remember those outages. It’s rare in the city so this was new to them. The power company predicted we’d be without power until noon tomorrow. The kids didn’t like that!

Havana did not want to go to sleep with the power out, even though her room was always dark at night (but maybe slightly less dark).

Hudson wanted to know how long it would take to have it fixed and didn’t understand why it would take so long.

Eva didn’t understand at all that electricity even existed and had a difficult time understanding that the lights just don’t work.

Havana and Eva ended up sleeping together in Havana’s bed.

I’m a big fan of electricity and I find it frustrating that in a modern city in a modern country that we have power outages when the wind blows. But I enjoyed this one. Gay and I had a quiet night reading by candlelight. The power came back at 10:30pm, I caught the last 5 minutes of the Huskies game.

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