You Never Forget


Havana and Hudson recently learned to ride their bikes without training wheels.They’ve been riding with just one training wheel for a while and several weeks ago felt confident enough to ask me to take the other wheel off. I did, but we’re both frustrated by the difficulty.

Then, Hudson went with me to the bike shop so I could get some patch kits and he wanted a water bottle “like the Tour de France riders have”. I told him he could get one when he learns to ride his bike. That became the motivation for him. He immediately started trying to ride his bike in the basement. He had some success right away and that (plus some encouragement) got him through about an hour of frustrating falling down. By dinner time he was doing loops around the basement and was very proud of himself.

Havana saw him riding and was excited for him — he was less encouraging of her as she learned over the next couple days. She went out with me and Hudson for a couple nights as I walked Barley and Hudson rode his bike. Like Hudson, the switch turned on suddenly and she was riding too!

One of my earliest memories is learning to ride a bike. That free feeling from riding a bike for the first time is something I haven’t forgotten and what I see in the kids today. It’s fun to see how excited and proud they get at their accomplishment, which I guess is the payoff of parenthood.

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