Month: September 2014

Huskies vs Stanford

I took Hudson to the Huskies game today. He couldn’t see when everyone stood up and was “overheating” in the sun. He made it to halftime before a bathroom break, a pretzel and a cupcake. We spent the 2nd half on the concourse in the shade. Huskies lost 20-13 but it was a close game.


After the game, Chloe came to babysit and Gay and I went out to dinner at Terra Plata before a great talk by Robert Reich at Town Hall.

Hop harvest

The kids and I picked my 2nd-year hops today. I joked that they should go pick the hops for me but they wanted to and loved it, especially climbing on the ladder and talking about how much beer they’re gonna make.


One of the vines did better than the others… left to right, Chinook, Cascade, Centennial and Columbus:


We watched “Muppets Most Wanted” after dinner and Havana said she liked picking hops more than the movie. And she asked if we could pick hops every year. Weird; you never know what they’ll like.

I broke my elliptical machine

I’ve noticed a clicking in the elliptical machine for the last couple weeks so I decided to open it up and see what the problem is. I found a broken piece of steel in the left crank arm. That must mean my legs are stronger than steel!

I zip-tied the broken piece to keep it from moving so I can keep using it. This machine has been a big part of my life for almost 8 years but it’s time to retire it and get a new one.


Update: the very next run broke it for good. The bolt on the other side of the arm snapped while I was running — surprised I didn’t get hurt.