Gay surprised me with a very nice new bicycle for our 10th Wedding Anniversary. Havana and Hudson just haven’t been interested in bicycling but my getting a new bike seemed to have sparked a new interest so I’ve spent the last couple days riding bikes with them.

Yesterday, bike-less Gay walked Barley with Eva on her balance bike while me, Havana and Hudson rode bikes ahead for a long time. They were still using training wheels but I had taken one side off so they could practice without falling too often. They both were so confident in their abilities that they decided they didn’t need the other training wheel either and begged me to take it off too. So I did.

Today, I took Havana out to practice for the first time without training wheels. She immediately wanted her training wheels back on. I kept encouraging her and we went many blocks while I held onto her seat and ran alongside her (and it was hot today, not easy!). She was scared but did have a few spans where she didn’t need my help and I showed her that I had let go – which caused her to get scared and start to fall, of course. Once home, she bragged to mom, Hudson and Eva that she “did it by herself”, for a few seconds at least. She can’t yet grasp that she needs to turn the wheel to stop herself from falling — that’s completely counter-intuitive to a 7 year-old.

I think another solid day of practicing and she’ll get it. And now I need to help Hudson, who seems farther along with his confidence, probably inspired by the Tour de France last month, but we’ll see if it’s real.

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