Month: July 2014

10th Anniversary

Today is our 10th wedding anniversary. It kinda snuck up on us, no big plans, trip or getaway or anything, just dinner at Canlis.


What’s happened in our marriage in the last 10 years since our wedding day:

Honeymoon in Bali
Trip to France
Sold our company
Had a daughter, Havana
Had a son, Hudson
Bought a house and renovated it for a year
Had a daughter, Eva
Starting a new business

A lot can happen in 10 years. Fortunately, it’s been good! Optimistically looking forward to the next 10…

Tour de France 2014 is over

It was one of the most exciting first weeks of a Tour, but once Froome and Contador crashed out and abandoned, the winner was all but set and it became a race for 2nd place. And Americans Talansky and (Tacoma, WA native) Van Garderen had tough races, although finishing 5th is still good. But I’m sad to see it over nevertheless.

Nibali was a great winner, attacking even with a commanding lead already. It was an impressive victory and Nibali is one of only 6 people to win all 3 Grand Tours. Hard to believe his coach wrote him a letter this year telling him he’s disappointed.

Don’t fear failure

The most philosophical sports interview I’ve ever heard:

Previously, I was scared to try something because I was always scared of failure. Once you believe and aren’t scared of the outcome, things become a lot clearer and opportunities arise.

—Michael Rogers, 34, Stage 16 winner in the 2014 Tour de France, his first career TdF win of his career

Most of these interviews with stage winners are about what happened on the road, team tactics, etc.

Overnight in Portland

Gay and I left the kids with Gerene and drove to Portland. We took the Lexus for probably its last road trip with us, which is too bad because I love that car.

We stopped at Prost! for a quick lunch and then down to Canby to JVNW to see our brewery equipment.




After that, we went to Apex with Brandon, our project manager at JVNW, for some beers and then checked into our hotel and then to dinner at Clyde Common. I like Portland, it’s always a fun place to visit, a kind of mini-Seattle to me.