Month: April 2014

Happy Birthday, Havana!

Havana turned 7 today. After swimming lessons, we went to Havana’s favorite restaurant for birthday dinner: Pagliacci’s on Madison. She says it’s her favorite because “it has lots of windows” but I think it’s because of the cool make-your-own-flavored-Cokes machine.

Then we had cupcakes at home.


While leaving Pagliacci, we ran into Steve Wells, a guy we worked with at Microsoft who we haven’t seen in 15 years. Small city.

2 bachelor evenings in a row

Last night Gay went to a mom’s night out at Jenny’s house and Gerene stayed late to put the kids to bed, so I got to watch The Desolation of Smaug (part two of the travel, fight, travel, fight trilogy) and drink my Vienna Lager and my Saison. Tonight, Gay and Jenny went to a school party and I have to babysit but Charlotte D came over so they play and watch a movie while I read Steve Hindy’s entertaining new book. Once I get them to bed, I get to watch Godfather 2 (new iTunes bundle deal: $9.99 to buy Godfather 1 & 2 but you have to take the 3rd too) and drink Sam Adams’ Tetravis, a barrel-aged Quad in their “funk” series. I am easily entertained.


OK Design Critique


We, including Matthias, our general contractor, went to Olson Kundig’s office for the 2nd straight day, this time to participate in their design critique session about our design. Not many firms do this but Jim Olson has been doing it for 50 years.

We got some good feedback and ideas. I think we can incorporate many of their ideas or they may lead us in a new direction. They really get the Optimism concept and had some cool ideas to incorporate it into the design – elevating, upward motion, etc. I appreciate how good designers can see things I can’t see and/or can’t express. It’s fun working with talented people.