Seahawks win the Super Bowl!

Hudson is still too young to fully understand football and he only watched the game occasionally. But he started to understand the game (first downs, touchdowns, penalties, etc.) much more this year. Next year should be interesting. Havana and Eva couldn’t care less. But Havana did want to wear Seahawks clothes to school today and she had me put blue and green paint in hers and Hudson’s hair before school.

This is only the second sports championship for Seattle, and the other champion from 1979 is not even here anymore. Paul Allen deserves a lot of credit for buying the Seahawks and putting a great organization together, he does a lot for Seattle.

I love great defensive games and this Super Bowl was the most-dominant performance by a defense that I’ve ever seen. Every single offensive play was a struggle for the Broncos. It was fun to watch.

These Seahawks remind me a lot of the great Steelers teams: strong defenses and a slow, plodding offense.  Fans love to see the 50-yard touchdown-passing offenses, Peyton Manning-style, but I’d argue those are the worst offenses because they score too quickly and put the other team’s offense back on the field. It’s better to consistently get first downs and keep the clock ticking. If they maintain this and don’t lose a lot of coaches to new head-coaching jobs, they could win 2 or 3 more Super Bowls in the next 5 years. But the only thing harder than getting to a Super Bowl is getting there again.



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