Month: September 2013

Coffee + beer

Gay and I had coffee this morning with Paul Shipman, a co-founder of Red Hook Brewery, one of the first craft breweries in America. We met at Starbucks, the first business the other founder of Red Hook created.

I was reminded about one of my trips to Seattle visiting Microsoft in 1996… Before I left for the airport, I ran around Seattle looking for Red Hook’s Double Black Stout, a stout brewed with Starbucks coffee, a unique beer at the time. I found 2 bottles and carried them home on the plane (try that today!).

In other Starbucks news, we learned today why the owners of the building were so difficult to deal with during lease negotiations for our brewery months ago: they leased it to Starbucks for a huge local coffee roastery. There’s no shame losing to Starbucks.