Fuller’s ESB clone


I have finally cloned Fuller’s ESB, my favorite beer! English crystal malt, Simpsons Dark Crystal specifically, is the key. It’s July 4th and I’m free from my dependence on beer from England.

Brew Method: All Grain
Style Name: Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)
Boil Time: 90 min
Batch Size: 42 liters (fermentor volume)
Boil Size: 49.9 liters
Efficiency: 75% (brew house)

Original Gravity: 1.060
Final Gravity: 1.019
ABV (standard): 5.42%
IBU (tinseth): 25.73
SRM (morey): 8.54

10.1 kg – United Kingdom – Optic (95%)
535.1 g – United Kingdom – Dark Crystal 80L (5%)

32.3 g – Target for 60 min, Type: Pellet, Use: Boil (AA 11.5, IBU: 22.37)
26.26 g – Challenger for 3 min, Type: Pellet, Use: Boil (AA 8.5, IBU: 1.67)
26.26 g – Northdown for 3 min, Type: Pellet, Use: Boil (AA 8.6, IBU: 1.69)
6.06 g – East Kent Goldings for 0 min, Type: Pellet, Use: Boil (AA 5)
36.34 g – East Kent Goldings for 7 days, Type: Pellet, Use: Dry Hop (AA 5)

1) Temperature, Temp: 66 C, Time: 60 min, Saccharification rest
2) Temperature, Temp: 75.6 C, Time: 10 min, Mash-out
3) Fly Sparge, Temp: 76.7 C, Time: 60 min, Fly sparge

1 each – Whirlfloc, Time: 15 min, Type: Fining, Use: Boil

Wyeast – London ESB Ale 1968
Starter: Yes
Form: Liquid
Attenuation (avg): 69%
Flocculation: Very High
Optimum Temp: 17.78 – 22.22 C
Fermentation Temp: 20 C
Pitch Rate: 0.75 (M cells / ml / deg P)

Profile Name: Burton on Trent (Pale, ESB or IPA)
Ca2: 270
Mg2: 24
Na: 50
Cl: 35
SO4: 660
HCO3: 290
Water Notes:



Fermentation: Chill wort to 17ºC, let it rise to 20ºC. At 50% attenuation, lower temp to 17ºC until done.

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2 thoughts on “Fuller’s ESB clone”

  1. Is it legal to clone a specific beer? How did you get the recipe? Isn’t’ it a secret?

    Sent from my iPad

    1. Yes, it’s legal. It’s no different than making any product that is similar to a commercial product. For example,
      when mom makes an Apple Pie she doesn’t need to worry that it may taste like a pie made by someone else.

      I got the recipe mostly from the links in the post and making tweaks from other sources around the internet.

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