Havana Eva

There’s a movie named after both our daughters:


So, there’s a movie named after me, Troy, (starring Brad Pitt as me, good casting!), a movie named after Gay, Happy Gilmore, a movie named after Havana, Havana starring Robert Redford who I assume plays her father (another brilliant casting choice), a movie kinda named after Hudson, Hudson Hawk, two movies named after Eva, Eva and Eva, and now a movie named after both Havana and Eva.

If I weren’t dumb and unable to see obvious patterns, I’d trademark the titles “Gay Troy”, “Havana Hudson”, “Hudson Eva”, etc.

One thought on “Havana Eva”

  1. Troy you all are not alone! After all Bergy is only my nickname Bergman as in Ingrid is my real moniker. Love it maybe we should all be in the movies Cheers Bergy

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