Month: March 2013

Happy Birthday, Gay!

Yesterday was Gay’s birthday. After going to Havana’s parent-teacher conference, we went out to lunch at Sam’s Tavern and had beers and very good burgers. Tonight, Gerene stayed with the kids and had Hudson’s friend, Preston, and Havana’s friend, Cameron, over while we went to Ballard (via Uber). We put our name in at The Walrus And the Carpenter for a 2-3 hour wait and walked down the street to The Noble Fir, then to Urban Family Public Houseand then to dinner back at The Walrus and the Carpenter.


12 batches later

I’ve brewed 12 times on the new brewery now. I’ve been tweaking the setup over the batches and ended up switching from a plate chiller to a counterflow chiller rather than fight the losing battle of trying to filter pellet hops, I added a valve to the boil kettle so I can recirculate the wort while it’s chilling to do whirlpooling before transferring it to the fermenter, added a quick connect to the hose in the mash tun to make it easier to remove for cleaning, shortened the hoses as much as I could and put 90º elbows on some valves to prevent hoses from kinking (and to make it more ergonomic to connect and disconnect them). The process and cleanup is becoming smoother for me.

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Havana is The Big Cheese

It’s Havana’s week to be “The Big Cheese” at school. She shared information about herself, she made her big board of photos that tell her story and got to sit in the special chair all week. Families are invited during the week to meet the kids and for the kids to learn about us. We took Hudson and Eva with some cupcakes and after they “interviewed” us, Gay read the class a book.