Building the Home Brewery, Part 4

The home brewery is finally finished. Or, finished for the time being as I’ve already figured out that I will be changing and improving things as I find what doesn’t work well. After the last update, I installed the backsplash. I cut 4 inches off one of the table legs so that it could fit against the wall. It took me 3 days to install the ventilation duct and inline fan to vent the heat and steam outside the house. That was the hardest part of the job, I built it all twice! I tend to follow the carpenter rule “measure once, cut twice”.

I mounted an electrical box with a fan control and switch to control the speed of the vent fan to keep it quieter when I don’t need it to be 100% power, which is loud. Then I punched a bunch of holes in the kettles to install valves, a temperature probe and a coil of stainless steel tubing in one that acts as a heat exchanger. I mounted the pumps underneath the bottom shelf of the table. I drilled a bunch more holes in the wall to mount hangers to secure all the electrical cords.

After assembling all the pipe fittings and testing for leaks and making some hoses, I was done by Thursday, Valentine’s Day. I had wanted to be done by Tuesday and to brew a Chocolate Cherry Porter on Valentine’s Day, but I missed it by 2 days. Oh well. I ran through a trial brew day with just water to get used to controlling the system and was ready to brew my first batch on Saturday.


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