Building the Home Brewery, Part 3

The plumber removed the old 3-compartment cast iron sink and plumbed in the new sink yesterday. He still has to come back on Monday to run some more plumbing that I need.

The ventilation hood is built and was delivered this morning along with a 4’x9′ sheet of stainless steel that I’ll use as a backsplash. I installed lengths of unistrut on the ceiling and hung threaded rod, which suspends the ventilation hood. I was reminded of how hard it is to drill in the old-growth 100 year-old wood joists in this house!

The control panel I ordered from The Electric Brewery in November finally arrived today. My favorite builder, Schuchart/Dow, let me borrow their hammer drill so I could drill some holes in the concrete wall. I mounted unistrut on the wall and mounted the control panel to that.


I still need to install the backsplash, install the ductwork for the ventilation hood, modify the kettles and install the electric heating elements and plumbing in the kettles and do some other minor work. I hope to get all that done this weekend and then after the plumber finishes the plumbing, I’ll be ready to brew!

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