Day: January 22, 2013

My perspective on Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong finally admitted to what the world was sure of 6 months ago: he took performance-enhancing drugs while racing. I am a cycling fan and watched every Tour de France since 1994, including the ones he won 1999-2005. I (and Gay) even went to France to be there when he won his final Tour. If you listen to the media, I’m supposed to feel bad, angry, betrayed, etc. I don’t. Those were fantastic Tours to watch, doping or not, and watching sports is entertainment. I’ve never been more entertained watching sports than those Tours. Even watching James Harrison run an interception back 100 yards in the Super Bowl every play of every Super Bowl wouldn’t match it. I don’t care any more that they were all doping than I do that movies I watch are fiction.

It’s a great story with at least three great morales: 1) the truth always comes out, 2) the cover-up is worse than the sin, and 3) hubris ultimately causes your downfall.

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