Day: July 27, 2012

6 beers in 8 days

I first brewed beer in the early ’90s and sporadically since then. I always brewed with extract and always wanted to try all-grain brewing, which seemed more like the real thing. After a long hiatus, I recently started brewing again and was reminded about how difficult the process was given my lack of proper equipment. I also had to relearn a lot of the process because I hadn’t brewed in so long.

I happened across Brewing TV  on my Apple TV’s podcasts section. I started staying up late after Gay and the kids went to bed watching old episodes. After a week or so I had watched all 60+ episodes. They made all-grain brewing seem easy and fun. So I decided to try all-grain and to get all the proper equipment this time. And rather than brew and wait several weeks to try another batch, I decided to get plenty of fermenters and brew a bunch of beers in a short amount of time so I could learn about it as quickly as possible.

Sparging & Lautering

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