Month: February 2012

The Artist

There’s no way “The Artist” is a good movie. Black and white and silent with a lousy score. They invented color and sound because movies without them sucked. That hasn’t changed, but make a movie about how wonderful Hollywood is and Hollywood will reward you.

Hey Scorsese, it turns out you don’t need to put such effort into movies. Make a movie about Angelina Jolie’s struggle with anorexia if you want an Oscar.

Date night

We haven’t had a date night in a while, so we went out tonight since Elysian’s 2nd beer of their 12 Beers of the Apocalypse release party was also happening. We got to Elysian about 10 minutes before 6pm and there was no line but all the tables were taken. We waited 10 minutes or so and then got a table within view of the festivities, kinda. I had the Rapture Heather Ale and watched Dick Cantwell, dressed as a Pope, give his speech.

Restaurant Zoe

We decided to not have dinner at Elysian and instead walk over to Restaurant Zoë, which has just opened again after being closed for their move from Belltown to Capitol Hill. We used to go to Zoë for any special occasion before we moved to Vashon and a few times since. I’m glad to have it open again and much closer to home. The new place’s decor is less “New York” (sophisticated, contemporary) and more “west coast” (casual, rustic) and the prices are a little lower. I liked the old place, but I like the new place too, and it’s more spacious, which I prefer. The old place had a great Ahi Tuna appetizer and a hangar steak that I always ordered, but they don’t have either on the new menu. That’s too bad. We had their “Regrade Manhattan” and I had the burger, both were very good.


The Way of St. James

We happened across the movie The Way tonight on Apple TV and decided to rent it. It was pretty good. I decided that, when the kids are old enough to hike long distances and before they are too old to want to spend a summer with us, we’ll take the kids to Spain and walk at least part of the El Camino de Santiago trail. It seems like a cool way to visit some towns in Spain. Documenting it here as a promise to myself.