GM is #1 again

Boy, was I wrong about Obama and GM. I thought giving GM a bailout was going to be a huge mistake. Not only are they surviving, they’ve regained the top position in number of cars sold (Volkswagen is #2?!) and all those auto industry jobs were saved. Impressive, especially considering it’s only been 2 years. We’re all still owners of GM do we still need to be paid back, but it seems possible now. Sometimes government does work.

3 thoughts on “GM is #1 again”

  1. Hello, I just found your blog after google searching “Vashon” we moved to the Island a year and a half ago from downtown Seattle and are not trying to decide if we should move back to the city…I would love to talk if you have a moment. My email is below. Thanks!!

    1. We left because of the lack of services, the poor schools and the worsening ferry situation. We lived there for 10 years, moving from Seattle. Vashon was nice before we had kids and the ferries weren’t as bad as they are today. We’re very happy to be back in the city!

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