We woke up to snow this morning after waiting Monday and Tuesday for snow that never came. There was 2″ of snow already. We had gone to REI yesterday to get Eva some winter clothes and for sleds. After lunch, Gay bundled the kids up while I tied cord to their new sleds, which were bought yesterday. I pulled Havana and Eva on the long sled and Gay pulled Hudson on his own sled to the hill next to St. Joseph’s at 19th & Aloha.


A bunch of people were already there, mostly older kids. After just a few successful trips down the hill from halfway up, I took all three on the long sled. I ran down next to them with the cord to guide them. I fell, they crashed. Eva fell on her face in the snow so she had had enough. Hudson didn’t want to go again either. I took Havana down one last time. Before leaving, I ran into the Tully’s on the corner for coffees and we walked back home.

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