2011 Year In Review

The highlight of the year and a big life change for us in 2011 was moving from Vashon to Seattle and into the house we’d been renovating for a year. Eva was born just a few days before the start of the year so we were back to handling an infant again after having 2010 with toddlers only, no infants. We were so busy with the kids and the house that we didn’t take any vacations or even go anywhere outside of Seattle all year.

In January, the Steelers lost the Super Bowl, which resulted in me drinking way too much and I’ll never forget as it was the first time in my life that I threw up from drinking — I didn’t drink a drop for 2 weeks after that, not because I felt guilty but because the thought made me feel sick. I’m happily back to drinking now, but don’t plan to get even close to that drunk ever again. We continued the make decisions on the house and work with the contractor and interior designers. I finished the rough-in for the low-voltage work that I had started in December, which I really enjoyed.

In February, I picked the speakers for the house that I would install in a few months and dealt with metal in my eye, the first injury I’ve had in years, that I got while sanding the steel beam in the garage.

In March, we celebrated Gay’s 41st birthday at home and again out with friends.

In April, we celebrated Havana’s 4th birthday and celebrated at her school.

In May, Osama bin Laden was killed (remember him and his terrorist organization?!), we picked out the hot tub, had a Stone Brewing dinner at one of our new neighborhood restaurants, celebrated Gay’s 4th Mother’s Day, and put the Vashon house on the market.

In June, we stayed at the new house under construction for a few days to do work. That was fun for me to do work for a few days without a long commute back and forth but living in a construction site isn’t fun. I had my 4th Father’s Day. And we finally learned that Eva wouldn’t need surgery, which was a big worry for us all year.

In July, we struggled with the DirecTV installation, which was disappointing because I’ve had nothing but good experiences with DirecTV for over a decade now. We packed up the old house to move and then moved into the new house, had Gay’s dad and aunt to visit, sold the Vashon house and Gay and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. Selling the Vashon house was a big relief. I originally thought we could set the price higher and let it sit and Gay wanted to price it to sell. Gay was right. Looking at the market now, some houses that were comparable to ours and priced too high still haven’t sold. I’d hate to have been maintaining it and paying the mortgage and insurance the last 6 months!

In August, we celebrated Hudson’s 3rd birthday and had a party with his friends. It’s hard to remember that Hudson is 16 months younger than Havana. They do so much together and he keeps up with her so well that we forget that she should have much better communication skills and know here reading, writing and math much more than he does. He still isn’t completely potty-trained — he knows how to do it, but chooses not to — even at the end of the year, even though Havana was potty-trained soon after her 2nd birthday. They say boys just take longer, but at this rate, Eva may be potty-trained before Hudson!

In September, Hudson started preschool at Nanny’s and Havana started preschool at Parkside. Both have loved their schools and are excited to go to school every day. Hudson has come out of his shell and plays, sings (!) and does his chores very well. Havana loves to do art, plays with all the kids and has a good friend, Laura, from preschool and they’ve had several play dates after school together at each other’s houses. Havana’s preschool picked “totem names” while learning about American-Indians, which is a name that identifies you. Kids picked names like “Plays with cars” and “Likes Pizza”. Havana picked “Loves My Family”, which surprised us not because we didn’t think she loves her family but because it seems, well, like we’re those parents who freakishly encourage adult emotions like that in their kids. They even make Indian-like signs for their names and her sign is her mom and dad hugging her, which is very cute. I got reading glasses which I resisted for a long time but really like having them.

In October, we finally went to Elysian’s Pumpkin Beer Festival and, while the beer was great and the crowd was less of the drunk college kid crowd, I was reminded why I tend to avoid beer festivals. Hudson had an unexpected tonsillectomy that turned into a 2-day ordeal. We had a great Halloween and hopefully started an annual tradition.

In November, I celebrated my 42nd birthday. It’s hard to believe I’m in my 40s but I’d rather be getting older than not! We had a great first Thanksgiving in the new house.

In December, Gay and I saw The National, our first show in over a year and only second in 10 years or so. I finished the theater room so we can watch movies on a big screen once again. I love consumer electronics, they get cheaper and better all the time. We went to our first ever parent-teacher conferences for the kids’ schools. We celebrated Eva’s 1st birthday and we had a great Christmas Eve and Christmas.

2011 was a good year. Looking forward to 2012…

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