Eva is 11 months old

Eva is 11 months old today. She’s still a great baby, only cries when she’s hungry or frustrated. She sleeps well and very regularly. And she eats very well — she loves eggs and has no nut allergies.

Eva at 11 months

She’s not yet walking on her own but she uses a walker really well in straight lines. She still crawls very quickly amd loves getting around the house. She says “Maaa maaaa” now and laughs all the time.

Hudson and Havana are good baby-sitters too, warning us when she gets near the stairs and blocking her. Hudson really seems to like her; he sits with her and plays with her, hugs her, etc.

Eva at 10 months9 months8 months7 months6 months5 months4 months3 months2 months and 1 month.

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