Today I’m at the meaningful age of 42. I’m officially not young any more. Looking back, I was a kid being pulled by a fire inside trying my best with my limited abilities and somehow ended up having a fun, lucky and very fortunate life…
I want to dance with this fire
Because it’s all that I know
As the spotlight turns towards me
I just try my best to show
We are lost
We are freaks
We are crippled
We are weak
We are the heirs
To all the world

Looking forward, I want to build a new fire and show my kids and help them build theirs.

Let’s go
Build a fire
Down on the empty beach where the waves are crashing high
White heat, purify as the sparks fly up into the great black sky
Sacrifice these crutches to the crackling flame
Stand as silhouettes against the dawn
It’s far too late to try to sleep now
It seems I’m never tired anymore

This old song from my youth always seemed so relevant to me. It inspired me then and still seems to.

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