Now that we have kids and live in a neighborhood that does trick-or-treating, we’re starting a tradition of decorating the house. Our street doesn’t go as all-out as 16th and 17th Avenues do here, but most houses decorate significantly. Since our house was built by the guy who created Rainier Beer, we thought it’d be fitting to make it into a haunted brewery.

Happy Halloween!

We also wanted to make it fun for parents too, so we’ll have a keg and pour beers for parents who have to walk around watching their kids get all the treats.

We didn’t have many props this year, but I thought the famous Rainier R would be appropriate. It turns out that no kids knew what it was for, but all the older people sure did. It didn’t dawn on me that anyone under the age of 12 or so never saw the R on top of the Rainier brewery since it was bought by Tully’s Coffee and replaced with a T. We’ll need to do more next year to make it more brewery-like. I also made the R flicker, as if the electricity was not working properly. I used a modified dimmer controlled by a photocell triggered by a flame light bulb, copied from this site.

Megan and Jon came over to help us give out candy, drink and serve beers. Gay and I took the kids up and down the street for their trick-or-treating while Megan and Jon manned the beer and were around while Eva went to bed for the night. Havana dressed as a unicorn and Hudson dressed as a stegosaurus. Gay and I dressed as brewery workers with coveralls and Rainier Beer patches sewn on. Hudson and Havana stayed up later than normal and also helped give out candy to the older kids coming to the door.

We only got a pony keg, thinking we wouldn’t get many drinkers, but we almost finished it. We got some dry ice for the keg hoping that it’d give off a smoke to look like a cauldron or something, but the effect didn’t quite work. We also stupidly dumped the dry ice on top of the keg and 10 minutes later the tap was frozen so we couldn’t pour any beer. It took us 15 minutes to thaw it out. I estimate we poured 40 beers and some people came back two and three times for refills. A couple people assumed it was Rainier Beer and politely refused until they realized it was Manny’s Pale Ale.

We had lots of kids and gave out almost all our candy to at least 9:30pm. Some neighbors came by just for the beer too. It was pretty fun and we’re already looking forward to doing it again next year.

2 thoughts on “Halloween”

  1. I sounds like a fantastic time! I am seriously jealous. I handed out candy to about 6 trick or treaters and watched old Halloween movies. Alicia took the grandbrats out trick or treating. They had so much fun dressed as monster trucks that Alicia made out of card board boxes. Those two boys are all about Monster Trucks. Ry was Grave Digger and Zave was Spiderman Monster Truck.

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