The Left-Wing Tea Party

I agree with Danny Westneat, Occupy Wall Street assigns blame to someone else for all the problems of the world:

But are we 99 percenters going to blame it all on them? Did no one in the 99 percent lie on their liar loans? Or buy way too much house? Rack up too much debt on flat screens or second homes? Fall for those political sweet nothings that said no matter how much the country spends, you won’t have to pay for it?

The “Occupy Wall Street” people are bad at math and ignorant about democracy and history. They’re the left-wing’s Tea Party.

They think the government is controlled by “corporate greed” and “corrupt politics”. I feel like I’m back in high school listening to some jackass sitting in the back of his pickup truck pouring beer into his head and talking about how the world would be better if he were in charge.

Corporations make money and they make your lives better. Before corporations, people lived in poverty and had short life expectancies. These protesters need a lesson in history.

And I want corporations to outsource work to other countries (the other 95% of the world’s population) so those people can prosper and they too can create corporations that work every day to make my life better.

Corruption in politics? Corruption in politics is illegal and has been prosecuted many times in the US. If you have proof of corruption, let’s see it and have those politicians arrested and prosecuted. Sitting in your sleeping bag (made by a greedy corporation) on the sidewalk is not going to do it.

Come to think of it, they’re not exactly like the Tea Partyers. The Tea Party people actually got off their asses and did something. These people just want to self-righteously whine until the problems are solved by someone else.

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