Month: October 2011


Now that we have kids and live in a neighborhood that does trick-or-treating, we’re starting a tradition of decorating the house. Our street doesn’t go as all-out as 16th and 17th Avenues do here, but most houses decorate significantly. Since our house was built by the guy who created Rainier Beer, we thought it’d be fitting to make it into a haunted brewery.

Happy Halloween!

We also wanted to make it fun for parents too, so we’ll have a keg and pour beers for parents who have to walk around watching their kids get all the treats.

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The Left-Wing Tea Party

I agree with Danny Westneat, Occupy Wall Street assigns blame to someone else for all the problems of the world:

But are we 99 percenters going to blame it all on them? Did no one in the 99 percent lie on their liar loans? Or buy way too much house? Rack up too much debt on flat screens or second homes? Fall for those political sweet nothings that said no matter how much the country spends, you won’t have to pay for it?

The “Occupy Wall Street” people are bad at math and ignorant about democracy and history. They’re the left-wing’s Tea Party.

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Elysian Great Pumpkin Beer Festival

We finally made it to Elysian’s pumpkin beer festival this year. I love pumpkin beers, it’s one of my favorite styles so I’ve been looking forward to it since I missed it again last year. This year they had it at their new (huge) brewery in Georgetown and they sold tickets so we were guaranteed to get in. The place was packed, it was more of a Waiting In Line Festival that served beer. As soon as you got your beer you had to get back in another line to get your next one because the lines were so long and slow-moving. We got a lot of great beers that we wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise, so it was worth it. And there weren’t as many yokels just there to get drunk, which plague most beer festivals.

At Elysian's Great Pumpkin Beer Festival

Mo worked Saturday and watched the kids so we could go. We used Uber to get there and back to avoid drinking and driving and met up with Jon and Megan. We all came back to our house for BBQ dinner.

Steve Jobs

I’m sad that Steve Jobs died today. Steve Jobs, among a couple others in the early days of personal computers, inspired me as a kid to make software and, hopefully, one day create my own software business. His entrepreneurial story in the late 1970s, building a computer in a garage and selling it, amazed me. Until then, to me, giant corporations were the only ones who could make things. He made me think anyone, maybe even me, could do something like that. As a kid learning to program a computer, I dreamed that one day I’d make software that was used by millions of people.

Apple made great products when he was there and lousy products when he wasn’t. I never had an Apple product until Jobs returned to Apple. But I always wanted one and remember the day my dad took me to a local computer store (The Math Box in Fairfax, Virginia) where I played with the original Macintosh. I never even touched a NeXT Cube, Jobs’ second company, but always wanted one. I remember watching clips of Jobs introducing it on late night news when I was in college working as a night security guard. When Apple bought NeXT in 1997 and released beta versions of Mac OS X, which was really the NeXT operating system, in 1999 I bought a PowerMac G4 on eBay just to play with it. Soon I was a convert and have been a Mac user ever since. I bought the first iPod in 2001, several more since then, the iPhones and iPads.

Thank you, Steve.

He was only 56 years old. I try to remind myself often that time is your most valuable resource — not only is it limited, but you don’t even know how much of it you have.

Time to re-watch his Stanford University commencement speech.

Date Night

For this week’s date night we went to Sitka & Spruce, another place we’ve been trying to get to. They also do a bunch of small tasting plates. We got a 5 or 6 dishes and 2 were very good, the others were so-so. Before dinner, we had a cocktail at Bar Ferdinand, which is in the Melrose Market building just a few feet from Sitka & Spruce. After dinner, we had dessert at Lark, a place we haven’t been to in 7 years or so. I had a delicious fig tart and Gay got a cheese plate.