Laurelhurst Beach Club

Our friends, Steve & Renuka, live in Laurelhurst and invited us to the beach club there on Lake Washington. I assumed that it was just a beach, but you can actually go in the water. In fact, they have lifeguards, a floating diving platform and diving boards out on a dock! The place was packed with families. I had no idea such a place existed in Seattle!


Steve and Renuka brought a couple coolers full of food and drinks, we brought an appetizer and more drinks. The kids went to the beach, Hudson immediately found trucks to play with in the sand and Havana went with Owen and Claire into the water. Meg and Randy Bannecker and their kids also happened to be there so they joined us for dinner.

Steve cooked brats and burgers and we had a relaxing time not worrying about the kids running around. At one point, we couldn’t find Hudson and a couple girls brought him to us and told us he was walking around way out on the dock by himself — one day I plan to be a responsible parent, but I’m clearly still a long way from that.

The kids had a great time, and were very tired by the time we got home and went to sleep right away. It’s yet another example of why we’re glad we moved back into the city and close to amenities like this.


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