Month: September 2011

Date night

We finally went to dinner at Cascina Spinasse, a restaurant everyone keeps telling us to try. Our usual date night is Tuesday, when they’re closed and in March we tried going for Gay’s birthday but missed our reservation. After waiting so long, it was disappointing. They make their own pasta, but the pasta wasn’t especially good. The menu is in Italian with English translations but even those are somewhat indecipherable. The bar is limited, just one bourbon, one gin, etc. and only wine, not even an Italian beer. The rabbit meatballs were excellent, though.

Dinner at Cascina Spinasse

Eva is 9 months old

Eva is 9 months old now. She has 4 teeth, can give kisses if you put your face close to hers, gives high-fives, will clap her hands and just started waving good-bye. She may be left-handed, at least she favors her left hand when eating. She scooches around on the floor and can do it quickly, and is starting to realize that she should get up on her knees to go even faster.

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Vision test

I’ve noticed that I need to hold things farther away from my eyes when reading, so knew I’d need reading glasses soon. We went to our friendly neighborhood Costco for a vision test this afternoon and I got a prescription for reading glasses, picked out some frames and for just $117, should have my glasses next week.

I learned that I have astigmatism, but otherwise, my eyes are healthy and I don’t have a need for full-time glasses yet.


Laurelhurst Beach Club

Our friends, Steve & Renuka, live in Laurelhurst and invited us to the beach club there on Lake Washington. I assumed that it was just a beach, but you can actually go in the water. In fact, they have lifeguards, a floating diving platform and diving boards out on a dock! The place was packed with families. I had no idea such a place existed in Seattle!


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Lawn Mower from Home Depot

The neighbor kid who was mowing our lawn hurt his foot while training for long-distance running, so had to stop mowing the lawn. I don’t mind, I like mowing the lawn so it was an excuse for me to get a new lawn mower. I ordered one from because they had free shipping for it and said it’d be here in 3-5 days. It ended up taking 10 days to get here and when it did, it was broken. The bolt that holds the handle was bent, preventing it from being tightened.

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