Happy Birthday, Hudson!

Today Hudson turned 3. He still loves dinosaurs, cars, trucks and now tools. He’s played with my tools so much that we got him a toy power tool set for his birthday that he likes to use. He’s become his own person in the last year, no longer just following Havana around and doing what she says but playing on his own and making his own decisions. Like his dad, he’s not very social and is usually very happy to play by himself. His vocabulary has improved quite a bit in the last year and his enunciation has also improved. He’s surprisingly good at putting puzzles together, although mostly goes by shape than the picture on the pieces, which impresses me.


He went to preschool on Vashon and when we moved to Seattle, he went to his own summer preschool at Nanny’s Preschool for a few weeks this summer and really loved that. He’ll go there this fall too.

He still takes afternoon naps usually and is very cranky in the evening if he doesn’t have it. He sleeps very well, although wakes up in a dream a few times a month crying out and needing us to come in and calm him down. He can sleep anywhere and in the most uncomfortable positions — when he’s tired he just conks out wherever he happens to be, usually with his thumb in his mouth.

He’s still not potty-trained, although he knows how to do it, he simply prefers using the diaper. He’s right that it’s more convenient for him, but doesn’t seem to care that it’s less convenient for us. He can practically change his own diaper, I think we might have more luck encouraging that.

Hudson’s 2nd Birthday and 1st Birthday.

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