Door pulls finally finished

We’ve been waiting for weeks for the door pulls to be built. We had 12th Ave Iron make one for the pantry door and Twisted Metalworks made four for the attic doors. We used the same design for all of them, but wanted to see how different the two companies would make them. They both had another company bend the steel into a ‘Z’ to make the shape and that company had some problems doing it, so that delayed it. Twisted finished one first but made it 1/16″ too narrow for the 3″ doors, so they had to remake it. They delivered them and they were nice, but all a bit twisted, so Kurt had some trouble cutting the hole in the doors to get them to fit. Those were all installed last week.

Door pull

12th Ave delivered theirs and, as expected, was much more square and a little more refined. Very nice. Tim and Kurt had an easier time installing it in the pantry door. Now that the pull was in place, they could template for the cladding on the lower half of the door and then cut those sheets. Those were installed today along with the side panels, so the door now looks like one big heavy block of steel with Frankenstein-like fasteners across the face. We really like how it turned out.

12th Ave also installed the track for the master bathroom sliding door (I can do a pull-up on it!). The glass for that was templates and ordered, so as soon as that arrives they can mount it to the wheels and install it. Hopefully that will come soon after our replacement toilet arrives — after some fighting with the retailer, Toto offered to send us a replacement porcelain bowl for free (a $1500 item!) and we could just switch out the electronics from the broken one. I hope they actually come through and send it!

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