Month: August 2011

Why Comcast Sucks

We’ve been Comcast customers for over 10 years (Technically, we’ve been customers before that as we were AT&T @Home customers that was acquired by Comcast). We recently moved and got Comcast at the new house. Because of Comcast’s “internal systems”, as their customer service people refer to it, this requires that they close the old account and open a new account. To Comcast, I’m both a new customer, who they like, and an ex-customer, who they don’t like. Because they’ve separated the accounts, they don’t realize that those two customers are really the same person. This exposes Comcast’s sucky-ness in three ways…

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Happy Birthday, Hudson!

Today Hudson turned 3. He still loves dinosaurs, cars, trucks and now tools. He’s played with my tools so much that we got him a toy power tool set for his birthday that he likes to use. He’s become his own person in the last year, no longer just following Havana around and doing what she says but playing on his own and making his own decisions. Like his dad, he’s not very social and is usually very happy to play by himself. His vocabulary has improved quite a bit in the last year and his enunciation has also improved. He’s surprisingly good at putting puzzles together, although mostly goes by shape than the picture on the pieces, which impresses me.


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Door pulls finally finished

We’ve been waiting for weeks for the door pulls to be built. We had 12th Ave Iron make one for the pantry door and Twisted Metalworks made four for the attic doors. We used the same design for all of them, but wanted to see how different the two companies would make them. They both had another company bend the steel into a ‘Z’ to make the shape and that company had some problems doing it, so that delayed it. Twisted finished one first but made it 1/16″ too narrow for the 3″ doors, so they had to remake it. They delivered them and they were nice, but all a bit twisted, so Kurt had some trouble cutting the hole in the doors to get them to fit. Those were all installed last week.

Door pull

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Second-guessing myself

The forms came off the concrete walls last week and every day that I looked at them I was worried that they didn’t fit the house the way we wanted them to. I kept it to myself all week but couldn’t get over it. The original plan for the decks, as designed by the architects, was to have them both cantilever out from the house, as if they were floating.

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We delivered gifts of wine and chocolate to neighbors whose property adjoins ours to thank them for putting up with construction for the last year and to apologize in advance for the noise coming tomorrow.

We met some new people. 2 people grew up in the DC area, 1 lives there half the year (all agreed it sucks!). We learned that Molly Moon herself, of Molly Moon ice cream, lives on the next block. And while Gay was picking up the chocolate from the corporate office of Fran’s Chocolate this afternoon, learned some things while talking to Dylan, Fran’s son who she went to college with and who works at the company: Fran lives on the next block too so Dylan grew up in our neighborhood, her husband worked with the previous owner of this house many years ago, and Dylan remembered going trick-or-treating at our house as a kid. Small world.

First month in the house

It’s been almost a month since we moved in and we’re still unpacking and there’s still people walking around the house finishing minor things. The weekends are nice when no one is here working, but I enjoy seeing the daily progress. I spent a couple days installing perforated aluminum in the garage walls. It looks like about what I expected and serves its purpose to be a smooth surface along the stairs, but I’m undecided about whether I like it.

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