Sold the Vashon house

It took just 78 days to sell the Vashon house. We signed the papers yesterday and it closed today. Gay’s dad and aunt are here visiting so they shared champagne with us to celebrate.


The first offer came in 3 weeks after it was on the market. It came from a law professor moving to Seattle from Portland and he was an ass from the start. His agent, who referred to him as “eccentric”, showed him 35 houses before he saw ours. He made a reasonable offer and then upon inspection, demanded an additional $40,000 off for idiotic things like repainting the entire house inside and outside, rebuilding every deck, tree-trimming, etc. We walked away from his offer once, he came back a few days later with a higher offer but a 6-hour time limit so we ignored him and let that expire and two days later he met our number. Two days after that, our agent called his agent wondering where the signed copy of the offer was and she said “he’s soured on the deal”. It seemed from the beginning that he couldn’t afford the place — he originally asked us to finance the deal, and the financing he eventually got was sketchy — so we were always wary that he’d be able to close. He was a bottom-feeder trying to get any house at the absolute lowest possible price and was just a pain in the ass to deal with. He drove his agent to tears at one point and our agent had to give her professional advice about dealing with bad clients.

Fortunately, a couple from Texas had come to Seattle and wanted to see our house the morning before we found out he changed his mind. We let them see it even though it was under contract, but once we found out that he wasn’t going to buy it after all, we called them and they came back for a second look that afternoon. They were much more pleasant and had 2 kids, which the house is suited for. We killed the deal with the idiot law professor and they made an offer the next day. Their agent almost screwed up the deal by providing bad information to them that took us weeks to correct, but we got through the inspection contingency and they hurried the close date and it was done in just a few weeks.

In the end, we think the price was still too low and they got a great deal. But we saved a lot when we bought the new house, so it’s a net positive to us.

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