Spotify finally came to America and I love it. I’ve had a Rhapsody account for a year or so. I’ve liked Rhapsody for its selection of music, but there’s no native Mac app (just a web player), the iPhone app is marginal and it’s impossible to use your iPhone as a remote control for the player.

Spotify fixes all of those problems except the remote control, but fortunately, someone else did: Remoteless. It’s a crufty app, but I’m sure it’ll get better now that Spotify is in the large US market.  Goodbye Rhapsody.

Best of all, thanks to Airfoil + Reemote, I can play Spotify throughout the house just like I do with iTunes + Apple’s Remote app. So I can listen to any music I want for just $9.99/month. I may never buy another album again. It’s a wonderful world we live in.

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