Comcast in Seattle

We got Comcast activated at the new house, comparable upload speed to the house on Vashon Island, but the download speed is about 5-10Mbps faster via Nice.

The installer wasn’t the most friendly guy in the world, though, which is unusual for Comcast in my experience. He had an easy job: the hole was already there to run the cable into the house, he didn’t have to run the cable through walls, he didn’t have to tack the cable to the house or bury it (we’ll do that ourselves) and he only had to get the modem plugged in an activated, no fiddling with our computers. But he wanted to drill his own hole in the basement, for some reason, he just threw the cable across Mark’s desk and across the floor rather than tie it up to the pipes with the DirecTV line and once the modem was plugged in and the service was activated, he couldn’t get out of here fast enough. It works, though, so I’m happy.


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