Move-in week has begun

They’ve got just a few more days until we move in. Paint touch-up is being done and the painters have begun the exterior trim painting. Kurt and Tim are finishing the base shoe trim on the staircase. Colin framed the theater cabinetry. Erich was cleaning the cross-ties in the attic. Ryan was installing more door hardware. I did a little more trim-out of the low-voltage work. DirecTV installed the satellite dish. Bill called in sick Tuesday (July 4th hangover?) but he has some light fixtures to install this week and finish up some electrical trim-out. The stone guys were doing something, not sure what. The replacement beverage fridge arrived today. And the cleaners arrived and started cleaning the living spaces for us.

Left to do: Exterior trim paint, the last of the decorative steel installation in family room, theater and master bath, some plumbing fixture work in master bath, master bath shower door hardware and glass still has to be selected (waiting on samples), cut and installed, replacement master bath toilet and all the A/V equipment has to arrive and get installed, the kitchen pantry door hardware has to be made and installed, the fireplace surround stone has to be selected, cut and installed.

Furniture will start arriving this week and next, but some will take until October to arrive.

It’s a busy week. The movers came to the Vashon house to pack everything up. Tomorrow they’ll come back and load everything on the trucks and bring the trucks to the new house. We’ll go over with them tomorrow afternoon for our first official night in the house. Friday, the movers will unload the trucks and move everything into the house.

3 thoughts on “Move-in week has begun”

  1. 1. What is a “replacement beverage fridge”?
    2. Why does it take 4 months to move the furniture from Vashon to Seattle?
    …bad weather on the water?


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