Month: July 2011

Happy Anniversary, Gay

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary. 7 years have passed, just like that. It’s been a good 7 years! I hope there’s many many more.

With everything going on lately, we keep forgetting about it and haven’t planned anything to celebrate tonight and didn’t get each other any gifts. Maybe we’ll go out Tuesday night to celebrate it when we get a chance with Kelly here to go out without the kids.

House visitors

Gay’s dad and aunt came to stay with us for a couple days after spending a few weeks at our house on Vashon waiting for it to sell. The kids love having Grandpa and Auntie Lillian as a new audience and playmates.


Eva is 7 months old

Eva is 7 months old today. She has two teeth now so she’s teething. She is starting to learn to crawl, just barely pulling herself along the floor when she really wants to. She’s now sleeping in her own bedroom and doing a pretty good job, but occasionally ends up in bed with us. She’s still eating well and can almost hold her own bottle up and drink from it. She’s still a good baby but has Hudson’s vocal cords, so we hardly need a baby monitor to hear her.

Eva at 7 months

Eva at 6 months, 5 months, 4 months, 3 months, 2 months and 1 month.


Spotify finally came to America and I love it. I’ve had a Rhapsody account for a year or so. I’ve liked Rhapsody for its selection of music, but there’s no native Mac app (just a web player), the iPhone app is marginal and it’s impossible to use your iPhone as a remote control for the player.

Spotify fixes all of those problems except the remote control, but fortunately, someone else did: Remoteless. It’s a crufty app, but I’m sure it’ll get better now that Spotify is in the large US market.  Goodbye Rhapsody.

Best of all, thanks to Airfoil + Reemote, I can play Spotify throughout the house just like I do with iTunes + Apple’s Remote app. So I can listen to any music I want for just $9.99/month. I may never buy another album again. It’s a wonderful world we live in.

First week in the new house

We’ve been living in the week for a week and love it. There’s still people walking around the house painting and doing miscellaneous work (door knobs, steel installations, etc.). We’re also still unpacking and I’m finishing up my A/V setup, which amounts to untangling all the wires by the rack and making them nice and neat and putting all the receivers and Apple TVs in the rack.

Hudson's first breakfast in new kitchen

I’m glad we moved in before it is 100% complete. We get to see all the little things get finished, we have more time to make sure things like paint problems get fixed and we get to watch the decks get built. Continue reading “First week in the new house”

Comcast in Seattle

We got Comcast activated at the new house, comparable upload speed to the house on Vashon Island, but the download speed is about 5-10Mbps faster via Nice.

The installer wasn’t the most friendly guy in the world, though, which is unusual for Comcast in my experience. He had an easy job: the hole was already there to run the cable into the house, he didn’t have to run the cable through walls, he didn’t have to tack the cable to the house or bury it (we’ll do that ourselves) and he only had to get the modem plugged in an activated, no fiddling with our computers. But he wanted to drill his own hole in the basement, for some reason, he just threw the cable across Mark’s desk and across the floor rather than tie it up to the pipes with the DirecTV line and once the modem was plugged in and the service was activated, he couldn’t get out of here fast enough. It works, though, so I’m happy.


Packing Day

The movers came today to pack everything into boxes, now our house is full of boxes. Someone else came to disassemble the gym equipment. We had Indian takeout for dinner with the two packing people as our last dinner on our last night on Vashon with a beautiful view of Mt Rainier.


Move-in week has begun

They’ve got just a few more days until we move in. Paint touch-up is being done and the painters have begun the exterior trim painting. Kurt and Tim are finishing the base shoe trim on the staircase. Colin framed the theater cabinetry. Erich was cleaning the cross-ties in the attic. Ryan was installing more door hardware. I did a little more trim-out of the low-voltage work. DirecTV installed the satellite dish. Bill called in sick Tuesday (July 4th hangover?) but he has some light fixtures to install this week and finish up some electrical trim-out. The stone guys were doing something, not sure what. The replacement beverage fridge arrived today. And the cleaners arrived and started cleaning the living spaces for us.

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DirecTV dish installation

So as not to miss a stage of the Tour de France during our move, I scheduled DirecTV to install the dish at the new house today so Gay and I went over there to meet the installer. We didn’t want the dish to be installed in a place that would be visible from the street and DirecTV installers tend to want to install the dish in the most-accessible location, which is usually a terrible location if you care at all about how your house looks. The installer, Michael, got there 5 or 10 minutes before we did, so I think he started off annoyed, as if promising to arrive “sometime between 8am and 12pm” is courteous. I like DirecTV, their customer support and I got to become friends with the guy who came out to Vashon from time-to-time, so I was optimistic that this would go well.

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