Octane Fitness repaired again

Just like last time, the Octane Fitness elliptical started giving me the infamous “Err 3” after workouts. Just like last time, it got progressively worse and happened more and more frequently, but I could reset it enough to use it. Then the tension feature suddenly started to always be at the highest tension, which is so high I couldn’t run for more than few minutes. I called Octane Fitness and, again, quickly got a hold of a competent tech support guy. He knew exactly what the tension problem was — broken cables inside the brake. He said he’d send me replacements for free. I then said the Err 3 is back and he immediately said he’d send me another new stride motor, my 4th!, free of charge.

Octane Fitness Stride motor

I got the parts yesterday, installed them fairly quickly, and was up and (fake) running again. Gotta love Octane Fitness’ customer support! I’ve now repaired almost every part on this elliptical at least once. I can’t switch to another brand now because I know this thing so well and can easily repair it myself.

The brake cables wearing out is expected, they’re just the stranded steel cables that bicycle brakes have so they don’t last forever when they’re constantly being used. But I don’t understand why I go through so many stride motors. I seem to be needing a new one every 8-10 months these days. It doesn’t make sense given that I never even change the stride (although it adjusts it automatically at times) and the motors are simple things. 10 miles/day doesn’t seem excessive for an elliptical. I think it’s a bug in the software that erroneously reports “Err 3”.


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