House update

Havana and Hudson have French camp this week so we could leave Eva with Kelly and we went to the house to keep working on the stuff I need to do. Gay helped me get all the CAT6 wires punched into the patch panel, a tedious job, and then to test all the wires through the house. They all tested fine. Then I hooked up all the speakers, except for the foyer speakers, to a receiver and we tested those and they all work too. Not bad for my first (and last) low-voltage sub-contractor job. Gay worked out all the issues with the electrical parts and finalized the cabinetry hardware positions with Mark.

The progress on the house continued with the many final details. Tim finished up the kitchen window trim and the guest room sliding door hardware. The stone guy was cutting the holes in the counters for the plumbing fixtures and finished installing and sealing the powder room stone. 12th Ave Iron was templating for the kitchen sliding door cladding. Twisted Metalworks is halfway done installing the kitchen pantry shelving steel facia. The tile guys were finishing up the kitchen tile and grouting the master bath tile, now that the grout color was selected. Bill, the electrician, was finishing up the garage electrical. The basement step treads were installed and Kurt finished the final piece at the top of the stairs. The bathroom fixtures (towel rods, toilet paper holders) were getting installed. All 7 (!) thermostats are installed. The painters were doing touch-up painting. And the stucco guys started coloring the exterior!

I still have some work to do for the speakers, install that last piece of ladder rack in the basement, need to pick TVs and amplifiers and get them installed, and schedule Comcast and DirecTV for installations.

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